Your 3 Brains

Your 3 Brains – Podcast #8


I’m working on a process of building an online business and you know, it’s hard. I find it rather difficult sometimes to be able to do all of the things and get all of the pieces together to be able to make it work. It takes a lot of time and research and just figuring things out.

I’m beginning this process of putting together the things that I’ve learned and the ideas that I’ve gotten and especially the things that relate to psychology.

As I progress, I’m going to be putting it together in a course that I’m going to be calling:

Primal Marketing

It’s  marketing that  is about speaking to the customers primal mind.

You have three minds, not one mind, and usually when we’re talking to people, we’re talking from the third mind, the human mind, and people are listening on the lizard brain level.

The first brain is your lizard brain, the Paleo-cortex. It’s the brain that is concerned with base primal instincts. Things like survival, things like what am I going to eat, attraction, mating, and anything new and novel. That’s the brain that we listened to most of the time, because what happens is we tend to filter out pretty much everything except what we’re concentrating on.

The point is, there are so many things happening in the world around us, that we cannot pay attention to everything We have to filter, and we filter based on that primal mind.

The idea is that if it’s new and interesting, pay attention to it. If it’s old and boring, ignore it. If it doesn’t affect us right at the moment, ignore it. If it’s complicated, ignore it. That’s what the Lizard brain does.

The second brain you have, I call it the wolf brain, it’s the mammalian brain, and what it does is it immediately scans wherever you are and looks for social status:

  • Who’s in charge
  • Who are the Alphas
  • Who are the Betas
  • Who are the outcasts

Right away, as soon as you walk into a room, you can tell who the important people are. We do that in a fraction of a second. The point is that people will buy and interact with people:

  • Who they see as belonging
  • Who they see as important
  • Who they see as high status

We have those two things that are happening while we’re setting up a message to talk to somebody,  To be able to talk to them in terms of what’s new, what’s novel, What’s interesting, what concerns my survival, what I’m going to eat, what am I mate with,  and does this person belong?  Are they part of my tribe? Are they a leader? Are they a follower? Are they an outcast? All those things are taken into account in a fraction of a second, and that’s where we get all of these first impressions from.

When you’re marketing to somebody, you need to be aware of all of this happening, all that’s going on and you need to speak a message that speaks to the lizard brain and speaks to the wolf brain.  To get your message heard, because those are the parts of the  your mind that makes the decision.

The third brain, the prefrontal-cortex, the human brain, is there to come up with good reasons why we should do all those things the other brains decide. It’s the logical, analytic brain.

If we speak to a customer, and we speak to somebody new in the logical, analytical brain, showing them these are all the reasons, these are the benefits, these are all the facts and figures and charts and all that kind of stuff.

We’re going to get shut off because that’s boring to the lizard brain.

So as I progressed in this work on marketing and put the course together, I’ll let you know in the future when it’s going to be available.

Right now, just this idea of the three minds and the three different brains is important to be able to understand what to say when you’re marketing to people.

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