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Priming is the concept of using something (words, images, sounds, etc.) to get people to think in a certain direction.  It is very useful concept in sales and marketing as well as influencing people.

The video tells you story where there was a group of people. Half the group was shown the name Benjamin Franklin, the other half the group the name, Bill Gates.

The leader asked the group participants to write down a name of a man.  Everybody wrote down whoever they wanted to write.

The people who were primed with Benjamin Franklin wrote down historical figures like Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington, and none of these men were living.

The group that was primed with Bill Gates had two interesting things happen.

First all of the men’s names, except for one that were written down, were still living, including a significant number who wrote Bill Clinton. The prime of Bill got them to imagine another Bill.

The second point is that those names who were written down were living and wealthy.

This experiment shows how powerful priming is. Priming causes people to think and behave in a certain direction.

So, how does that help you?  If you’re trying to influence somebody, to sell something, to do something else, you can prime their mind in the direction you want them to go.

Images, words, sounds, music, and all kinds of things that relate to what the outcome that you want you can prime the mind to go in that direction.

Priming can be very powerful.


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