I was the Problem

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Podcast # 3

I talked to you in previous podcast about what had happened to me and  how I spent most of the time in my life wanting to become a minister, because someone gave me that idea that I should be. I didn’t know any better, so I said sure I’ll do that.

I worked and I worked and I did a lot of different things for 19 years and I was just at the point of getting there. I thought it was going to be ordained here.

The middle of winter get called down to the conference office and instead of  getting ordained, I got fired.

That made me angry, it hurt me. It hurt me for years.

But as I look back, that getting fired, that almost getting to the point where I wanted to be and then this huge wall in front of me, that was actually the beginning of learning how to deal with my life.

I grew up as a child in a home where there were seven kids. I was the oldest of seven and as a child my father, mostly, taught all of us, for who knows what reason, to constantly pick at each other. To tease and to make fun of and to do all of these things to make our life hell.

One Christmas, I remember my brother like ketchup, he ate ketchup on everything. So what happened is we wrapped up a ketchup bottle for him and put it under the Christmas tree. He opens it up and burst out crying, we thought that was great. We made him cry. They made me cry a lot too.

What I learned from that is that, don’t ever tell anybody anything about yourself because if you opened up and you said something that you were interested in, something that you wanted to do, something that you wanted to be, someone that you liked, they would take and use that as ammunition to make your life hell.

I learned. I kept my mouth shut and I learned to be afraid of ever saying anything that would get that barrage to come down on me.

It  was all right to survive as a kid, but it doesn’t make living and working easy in the real world when you’re trying to help people. You need to open yourself up. You need to be able to be available to people. And I learned to be afraid. I learned to hide myself. I got to that point of almost reaching what I thought was the goal and getting fired as a result.

From there begin this journey to learn what was going on, and to learn about these things in my life that were keeping me from being successful.

I went to seminars, I read books, I did all these different things and I realized that, I was the big problem. Eventually I learned how to change the way I how to look at  those childhood traumas and turned them around and make them powerful.

And as a result, I wrote the book. I put together this course called the Witchdoctor’s Secret Reprogramming System.

The idea is that you can take those childhood traumas, those lessons that you learn, those things that keep you from being who you really could be, and reprogram them and to make them into power ways to be able to live your life.  To be able to achieve what you want to achieve.

We don’t have to live with the crap that we had from being a child. We can take and change it. We can make it into something powerful. We can have the life that we want.

I can show you.

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