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Here is the first podcast that I started on  It talks about how I started the change from minister to Witchdoctor.



It was January 20th in upstate New York, in middle of the snow storm. My wife and I were asked to show up at the conference office.

I figured, Oh, must be good news.  I had been a an associate pastor for about six years. It was time for me to be ordained, so I get called to the conference office, drive down through the snow storm.  Then all of a sudden I’m sitting there and find out that I’m fired. I’m not going to be ordained now I’m going to be fired. They can kick me out on my ass. It was devastating.

Here was I had prepared for this job most of my life. I went to school. I went to college. I went to seminary. I spent all this time doing things, getting ready, preparing, writing sermons, doing all that kind of stuff and I thought I was doing good.

In one of the churches, of the last set of churches that we had, first week we were there, two people showed up. There were more of my family present, than there were of the congregation. It was this little bitty church out in the middle of nowhere, small town.

We come in, give a sermon to the people who are there. They show us around.  Half of the church was shut off. Bare rafters, bare walls. No sheetrock. No anything. They had started the church and had gotten to a certain point. They got the sanctuary done, but then the rest of it was all unfinished. From that point start. We work building up,  bring more people in, and by the time that I was done there,  about three years later, we had over a hundred attend the friends’ day.

Not only had that many people show up, but in my time there we raised money and got the church finished.

I thought I was doing really well, but what I didn’t realize was that I had pissed off the people who were in charge of the church. There was a small group of people who liked controlling things and they were losing their power.

They got scared, and what they did is they called down to the conference office and started complaining.  Later I found out, also started rumors that were not true at all.

Here I was, something I prepared most of my life for, and all of a sudden I’m left without it, without anything. Yeah. What am I going to do?

Well, while all this was happening, the small group, of basically hypocrites, who were losing their control, started fighting with everybody else, said we’d brought in and pretty much pushed everybody out.

This group who got pushed out, decided they were going to start their own church. They invited me to come to their church and eventually invited me to be their pastor.

I was too devastated, too hurt, too angry to even consider it. I just wanted to leave. I wanted to get out of there.

So that spring packed up my stuff went down to Florida.  My wife and kids finished up their job and school  while down in Florida I found us a place to live.

Alright, so that’s the beginning. Now, how did I get to be a Witchdoctor from being a minister?

We’ll pick that up in the next episode. Join me next time we’ll talk about the things that made me change to go from being this church fanboy to looking at a different way of living that I call the Witchdoctor life.

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