Doing What Was “Right” Got Me Fired

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Here is podcast #2 from  I talk about my childhood desire to become a minister and how I screwed it up.

I spent about 20 years of my life wanting to become a minister. Working on sermons. Going to school. Going to college. Going to seminary.

Doing all these things, that I thought, I should be doing.

Let me kind of give you the backstory here. I was the oldest of seven children. We lived out in the middle of nowhere in Upper Michigan. The nearest Mcdonald’s was 100 miles away. It was kind of a sheltered family with seven kids. You didn’t want to go anywhere. You didn’t want to do anything. My Dad worked, sometime, most of the time ended up laying on the couch or in bed.

My Mom got her driver’s license the year before I did. What got me started in all of this was that we weren’t very religious or anything at home. My mom used to go to this church in this town about 8 miles away to get clothes because they would give clothes away for free.

She would go get clothes, then she’d want to help. And then every week she was gone to help, and eventually then she got dragged to church and we all got drag with her.

It turns out I was pretty smart. I could pick up ideas pretty easily and teach them to other people. I was leading a class, teaching  all of these people and they would come to me and they’d say,  you should be a minister. You’re so smart. You know how to do all this. You understand all of it. You need to be a minister.

So I just kind of fell in line and decided I’m going to be a minister. I went off to school, to college, to seminary on this quest to be a minister. I spent all this time in school, got to the end of school. And no minister job.

I did what, when that society was the next best thing, that was going to teach church school. I spent a couple of years teaching church school during all right stuff. At the same time I would preach every once in a while and help out with stuff and teach classes. Then eventually I got to the point where they offered me a minister job.

I would be a pastor of a bunch of little churches out in the middle of nowhere, so. I had gotten to where I wanted to go. I thought, all right, I’m going to make this go and do all the things that I thought I should do.

I worked on building the church and bringing people to the church,

Those people who read the Bible can’t miss the fact that the church should be growing. We should be reaching people. We should be doing all that stuff.

And  I did that kind of thing. I brought people in to increased attendance, did all of this stuff, did some innovative stuff.

Even had my own personal 800 number, where people could call me as opposed to paying long distance.

I’m working, doing all these things, and then I get blind sighted,

Instead of ordaining me, they fire me. Can you imagine him having spent 20 years working, doing all these things, trying so hard and you get kicked out on your ass? Why? Not because you weren’t doing stuff, not because there weren’t successful things happening, but because you pissed some people off.

Here I am with no job, no way to earn any money, angry as hell,  because all of this stuff happened to me.

I was determined that people suck. They’re irrational. They don’t make any sense. They don’t have any logic to them.

I started from that point, started my journey that, I’m not going to let this happen to me again. I am not going to be blindsided. I’m going to figure out what people think so that I can anticipate it and I can be able to be ready and use it to my advantage.

I read. I read and read and read and read thousands of books. I read psychology. I read business. I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on to read. Anything that might give me the idea of what is going on with people.

What really happened in the processes. I figured out not what’s going on with people so much. Although I learned a lot about that. I figured out actually, what’s going on with me. I figured out that there were some things in my mind that caused me to act in a certain way and to end up being blind to what was going on around me.

My internal desire was to help people to grow and to be successful, and yet I was doing things myself that shot me in the foot. Things that self sabotaged my success, because I thought I was right.

I thought I knew everything and I didn’t.

That’s kind of what brought me to this whole concept of reprogramming in life.

The only thing that you can change is you. You cannot change other people. You cannot make them do something they don’t want to do. You can only change you and you can only get other people to do something when you get them to buy into who you are.

You hear in business networking, people do business with those they like and trust.

My big problem over the years, was always that I didn’t want anybody to know about me. I was a private person. I didn’t want put myself out there and as a result I caused problems for myself.

I was fired multiple times from different places. I was frustrated and angry and devastated, and I realized that I had to change the way that I thought in order for things to work out for me, and that’s where this idea of reprogramming came in.

In my search, I found tools that  I could use to go in and change my thinking and as a result of changing my thinking, everything around me changed because I was coming at it differently.

That’s why I put this course together. The Witchdoctor’s Secret Reprogramming System. It’s not about changing everybody out there, it’s about changing who you are, in your mind, to allow success to happen.

Until next time.

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