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As a child, from ages 0-7, our mind was programmed without any choice of our own.  This was essential, in order for us to be able to learn how to do the elementary things in life, but it has several terrible consequences.  Our views on work, money, relationships, and a variety of other essential topics were skewed by our family, friends, authority figures and TV.  

If you are struggling to accomplish something, like earn massive amounts of money, and you find it hard, or even impossible, it's this programming that is to blame.  If it's hard, if it takes too much work, it's because we are fighting the programming that runs 95% of our lives. 

This is why some people are rich, and others are poor, we were programmed into it and don't know how to change it.  Complaining won't change it.  Crying won't change it.  But there is hope.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in the video below, describes the problem for us.

We Were Hypnotized

Dr. Lipton explains that as a child, from ages 0-7, we had a different brain frequency from normal teens or adults.  TYoung children's brain wave frequency is that of Theta waves, the kind you find in hypnosis.  We were hypnotized into acting, doing and believing like those who raised us.  We took on their habits and beliefs.  We created matrix like programming that puts us on autopilot 95% of our lives.  All this was done without our consent or knowledge.  So do we give up?  Is it too late for us?

Two ways to change our programming

Dr. Lipton mentioned in the video that there two ways to change our mental programming, hypnosis and repetition.  These two way are the only ways to change.  Either one works, one is harder than the other.

Many are afraid of hypnosis.  They think that someone is going to come in and take over their mind and make them do stuff they don't want to do.  Hypnosis doesn't override our choice.  It's just a fast and easy way to get in and change the subconscious programming.  

We have what is called the critical factor, that we developed as we moved past the early childhood years.  It's kind of like a virus protection for our mind.  It block thoughts and ideas that are contrary to the programming that already exists in our subconscious.  It's an important thing.  Just think about what would happen if everything your heard and everything you saw changed the basic programming of our mind.  We would be a basket case.  Everything would be different every time we saw or heard something new.  We would never get anything done or even remember what we were doing in the first place.   We were programmed with basic set of skills and beliefs and then put on our way to live life with a lock to protect that basic programming. Such is the critical factor.

Hypnosis allows us to slip past the critical factor and make some necessary changes in the programming to make our minds work optimally. It is a great tool for personal change.  It's a shame so many are afraid of it.

The second way to change our mental programming is repetition.  With the lock analogy, it's kind of like banging down the door every time we want to make a change. By doing something over and over again we can, by force and effort, change the programming and create new habits.  Learning most anything requires repetition.  It is a valid, yet sometimes painful, way to change the programming of our mind.


What do You Want to Change?

Most people are blissfully unaware of the possibilities that are laid out before them.  They go on with their lives like robots, and complain about what they get.  They may try to change but usually it's "too hard" for them.  

We all have a choice.  We don't have to live with the flawed programming we were given as a child.

There is the easy way, hypnosis, or the hard way, repetition, either one is a valid method for change, but you must want it.  If you are happy where you are, you aren't probably reading this article at all. If you got this far, you are probably seeking some kind of change.  I'd be happy to discuss it with you and we can use whatever method you want.  Just make the choice to do something now.

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