Angry and Frustrated in Florida

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Podcast # 4


I was fired from what I thought was my life’s work, what I’d spent the last 19 years working toward and all I wanted to do was hide. I wanted to get away and not have to deal with anybody.

My wife and I sat down and we talked about where are we going to go? We gotta get Outta here. We thought, let’s go someplace where it’s warm. where they have sunsets. That’s as good a reason as any.

We looked at the west coast. We looked at the west coast of Florida. I happen to know somebody who’s staying for the winter down here in the west coast of Florida. That became the decision.

In the middle of winter, in upstate New York, I pack up, my truck. I had a little itty bitty pickup truck with a cap on the back. I put a mattress in the back so I could sleep so I wouldn’t have to get a hotel or anything and I took off driving to Florida.

When I got to Florida I stayed with these folks and started looking for jobs and something to do,.

I was really angry. Angry and frustrated. Here it was, I had spent my entire life working towards this one job and they would just pulled out from underneath me and I really, I really didn’t know what to do.

Eventually after doing a variety of things, I decided I needed to do something different.  I got this invitation to a set of seminars. I have no idea where it came from. I figured, what the heck. At the time I was reading self help books, life change books, and I got this invitation to the seminars. I said, alright, I’ll go. Even though it was more than I could afford, I went and these seminars really changed the way I looked at things,.

They were a set of experiential seminars where you talked about stuff, but then you actually went and did it. You did experiments. You did things to be able to make your life change. That’s what really stuck with me.  As a result of making those changes I continued to study and made a commitment to be someone different. I changed my life.

I became a teacher. I taught college. I used to teach at a college I used to call it special Ed College. The idea with Special Ed college was  a school where people who didn’t do so well in high school went to college.  At the time, a third of them didn’t even have a high school diploma. It was it a special government programs that allowed them to go to college and work on their GED.

Teaching there taught me that life is not just about learning a set of skills or knowledge. Life is about learning change, learning how to be able to do things in your life that made a difference.

I engineered my classes not just to teach computers, which I was teaching, but I engineered them to teach life skills. I would have a quiz every day. First thing when they would come in, and there were a number of reasons why I created that. One was to get most of them over their fear of tests because many were afraid to take a test. So if you had a quiz every day, you got used to it.

Secondly, one of the biggest problems we had at schoolwas people not showing up or showing up late and not really valuing their time there.

We had a quiz the first half hour of class  and after that  it shut off, it was on the computer. So it shut itself off after the first half hour. You could not take the quiz but once the time was up it was done.

I was teaching people,  you’ve got to show up. There were no makeups to the quiz. You gotta be on time.

This was a simple life lessons that changed the lives of a lot of people that I taught.  I learned that making things practical and experiential made a huge difference in people’s learning. And it made a huge difference in me too.

So what I’ve done now is I’ve taken these things that I’ve learned, these practical simple lessons, these experiences that you can do to change the way you are, and I put them in this book called The Curse of Fear – a Witchdoctor’s RX to Banishing Fear.

The idea behind the book is that as you follow along,. It’s a story, and in that story, there’s a young man named George, who’s afraid of everything. He hates life,  He hates his job, but he’s looking for something better.

He meets the Witchdoctor, an older man who coached him along in the process and teaches  him to do different, experimental things in his mind and in his life.

You watch George change, and as you go along the process you learn about the change through his interaction with the Witchdoctor.

I took a lot of these lessons that I’ve learned. Things that I learned how to teach to people and put them into a story. a story that  can help others.

I’m making that story available to you. I’ll give you the book for free, just pay shipping and handling. Read the book, but more importantly, follow along with the exercises.

Those exercises are the powerful thing. Those are the thing that can change your life, like they changed mine.

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