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Speaking to the Lizard Brain
Speaking to the Lizard Brain - Podcast 15 Transcript There's a part of your brain called the reticular activating system.[...]
Embodied Cognition
Embodied Cognition - Podcast 12 In this episode we talk about the concept of embodied cognition, how our minds and[...]
Marketing Tip – How to be Remembered
How to be Remembered - Podcast 11 In this episode we offer a marketing tip for people who want people[...]
What is Hypnosis?
What is Hypnosis?  Podcast #9    Hypnosis in not someone taking control of your mind.  It is not giving[...]
Your 3 Brains
Your 3 Brains - Podcast #8   I'm working on a process of building an online business and you know,[...]
Learning to Like Yucky Stuff
Podcast # 5 On Anchor.FM Hey, this is Mark. I remember when I graduated high school. I had just gone[...]

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